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Greg is the President of Viking Principle, an executive coaching and organizational consulting firm, which specializes in enhancing the performance of individual executives, teams, and organizations. Greg has over 15 years of high-performing leadership experience. He honorably served in the United States military as an operational team member in Naval Special Operations. During his tenure in the Navy, Greg earned his way through three of the military's most elite selection processes and served five years onboard SEAL Team 6, an organization composed of the world’s most elite and exceptional leaders. After leaving the military in 2012, Greg returned to business and quickly realized that the leadership principles he learned in Naval Special Operations could transform organizations of any kind. His desire to create excellent leaders, teams and organizations inspired him to shift the focus of Viking Principle into the area of leadership and organizational development. In the years since, Greg has helped organizations of all sizes, including local governments and Fortune 500 companies increase performance, create dynamic cultures and sustainable futures.


Experienced A&D and executive leader in the energy industry with an emphasis on geoscience, business development, and corporate strategy. Well-rounded technical knowledge in all aspects of the oil and gas industry with a keen ability to identify new opportunities, evaluate technical data, and quantify the risk associated with acquisitions and divestitures. Exceptional ability to present and communicate complex technical information in a simplified format to build rapport with non-technical experts.  Strategically planned and executed large-scale capital ventures and successful completion of billion-dollar projects in the energy industry. Honorably served in the United States Navy - Naval Special Warfare.

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