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How can you know you’re Leading with the Best Strategy?

Is your vision transparent throughout the organization?

Do you struggle with communication?

Are generational gaps reducing organizational results?

Does your organization have a desired climate culture?

Is your organization working together to achieve common goals?

Are your teams held mutually accountable?

Does your organization proactively review personal development and performance?

Are succession plans timely, and properly implemented?

Is it time to polish your leadership efficiency and effectiveness to maximize results, and begin creating your legacy?



Our mission is to significantly improve the success and lives of senior leaders, as well as their team members, families, and organizations in general.


Provide peer group members with an interactive, intimate environment to discuss strategies related to human capital for building high-performing organizations and the ability to receive guidance from fellow leaders.


ELC seeks to develop a network of homogeneous peer groups, comprised of genuine professionals, that meet in confidential environments where leaders can share ideas, best practices, experiences, and advice.



ELC at a glance...

Members of our network are thoughtfully selected for their experience, acumen, success record, and humble confidence.  We seek leaders of organizations who are executing meaningful change and action, whose strategic issues push their peers’ thinking and sharpen their leadership competencies. They are achievers, risk-takers, and knowledgeable leaders who inspire and challenge one another every day to reach their fullest potential.


Each group consists of 5-15 members chosen for their complementary skills and organization type. Directed by a Strategic Facilitator, Groups meet quarterly in a highly structured environment that focuses on an agenda comprised of strategic challenges, and a methodology that enables practical, pointed insight. These aren't necessarily meant to be networking groups; our groups are strategically designed to drive results and accountability in a way no ordinary peer group can.


Aerospace & Defense


Consumer Products

Financial Services

First Responders

General Contracting


Higher Education​


Oil & Gas


Public Sector

Real Estate


Federal, State, &

Local Governments


Find your peer group today. Join other like-minded leaders in your relevant professional space and discover new ways to approach ever-present leadership challenges.



We are a membership organization who, invite trusted-qualified-leaders to participate in our peer groups.


The Executive Leadership Council was founded on the belief that senior leaders can achieve their goals under the right conditions.


Our focus is to help leaders gain the insight needed to get them from where they are now to where they want to be, both personally and professionally.


Furthermore, we aim to enhance job satisfaction throughout the American workforce.


We are currently forming Executive Leadership Peer Groups in the metropolitan Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. Submit the form below to learn more about joining an Executive Leadership Council Peer Group.



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